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WellProcess is a IT Operational Portal, which includes a strong CMDB, request management, incident management and change management.

About WellProcess

ITTL/ITSM best practice.

Wellprocess is service provider oriented, it allows IT engineers to manage easily multiple customers or organizations.
WellProcess delivers a feature-rich set of business processes that:

  • Enhances - Enhances IT management effectiveness
  • Drives - Drives IT operations performance
  • Improves - Improves customer satisfaction and provides executives with insights into business performance.

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WellProcess provides various kinds of services whitch includes customizable CMDB, helpdesk, user portal, request management, incident management, incident management, change management etc.

Customizable CMDB

CMDB is the tool to control the people, organizational and assets.

User Portal

Gives users a simple way to create request/incident, and following processes.

Request Management

A simple way to log/process user requests.

Change Management

To track all changes to the SI, from a simple routine patch to the start of production.

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